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Entrevista a Jordi Bernàcer en Opera World, revista de ópera internacional


25 mayo 2016 - 

Entrevista a Jordi Bernàcer en la prestigiosa revista on-line Opera World.
"Music is the language that allows us to understand".
"La música es el leguaje que nos permite comprendernos".

First of all, congratulations on your recent appointment as Resident Conductor with SFO. How did you start in this magical world of opera?

Thank you very much for your congratulations. I feel very happy and excited with this new position that opens the chance to work in a wonderful and historic opera house with a great orchestra, chorus and beautiful singers. My relationship with the opera world is very special. As a musician you can approach this magic microcosmos from many different perspectives and I feel very fortunate to have lived different and very enriching positions: flute player in the orchestra, chorus Master, conductor of the offstage music, assisting great Maestros until today as a Conductor.

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